To promote socio-economic welfare activities more effective SORDEC has undertaken two programmes namely Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) and Nature Conservation Programme (NCP). Under EDP and NCP number of developmental interventions are being initiated namely Sericulture Promotion Programme (SPP) and Live Stock Development Programme. In the year 2006-07 SORDEC in collaboration with State Sericulture Department, Assam identified potential farmer from villages and distributed mulberry seed. In the same year DOS nominated SORDEC as one of the co-agencies for implementing of Catalytic Development Programme (CDP). But SSP could not achieve much success due to lack of marketing of silk yarn produced by the famers. Many farmers gave up their mulberry farming practice due to inability to make profit by selling their produce i.e cocoons and silk yarn.

Live Stock Development Programme (LDP) is another programme which included training programme for piggery, broiler, fishery and animal vaccination camp etc. Brief survey made to conduct in villages with the help of interview schedule to select beneficiaries and accordingly programmes were organized. SORDEC already organized training programme on piggery, broiler farming and fishery respectively for the benefit of farmers. SORDEC has been organizing at regular basis animal vaccination camp in villages to protect cattle, goat from contagious diseases like Haemorrhagic Septicaemia and Black quarter etc.

SORDEC has taken several initiatives to conserve wild life and natural resources of Kaliabor. SORDEC has been sensitizing common people and school children through publishing leaflet on various environmental issues like importance of Wetland Conservation, Water Crisis, plastic pollution, illegal trade on wild life, importance of Fish biodiversity. Under nature conservation programme SORDEC has undertaken several sapling distribution programmes and also road side plantation in Kaliabor sub division. To protect the fragile wetland ecosystem, SORDEC has also initiated Wetland Development Programme (WDP) and help in restoration of Chilabondha Beel (Wet land) in Kaliabor. This wetland now managed by Chilabondha Beel Unnayan Sommittee (CBUS) constituted by the villagers of surrounding areas of the wet land.

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